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Tuesday, May 21, 2002  






 This is the beginning of my new observatory. We are starting with the deck. It is 8' wide by 20' long. We used 8' decking boards for the floor and 4x4's and 2x12's for the framing.  We attached a set of stairs on each side.


                                               1142.jpg (112812 bytes)

We completed the floor and have sealed the whole deck . This is looking east and shows one set of stairs.


                                               115.jpg (134050 bytes)

             This shows the other set of stairs and you are looking northwest

                    pi11.jpg (96052 bytes) pi12.jpg (96309 bytes) pp55.jpg (136867 bytes)

Here you see the pier has been poured and is setting up. It is 4' in the ground and 7' above ground. I placed t-stakes in the concrete for support as I poured. I then put a Losmandy Mini-pier in the concrete. 

                                  aa5.jpg (113672 bytes) aa6.jpg (109605 bytes) 

This is the beginning of my 8x10 building. So far just have some of the framing done. I used 8- 4x4's of treated wood for the corner posts. I used decking boards for the framing.  As you see my concrete has set up and in use!!


                                                pp66.jpg (83965 bytes)

                  I have started on the inside wall. I am using 2x12 boards.



                                                  pp77.jpg (107687 bytes)

   Concrete walkway has been poured. This leads to the west side steps.

                                    red.jpg (105464 bytes) red1.jpg (101081 bytes)

Inside building, deck and stairs painted. Picked dark red to keep reflections down. 

                                                 out.jpg (86505 bytes) 

                             Metal siding done now on to the DOME!!!



                      dom1.jpg (65646 bytes) dom2.jpg (72032 bytes) dom3.jpg (72678 bytes)

Here's the beginning of the base ring.  We used 4 pieces of 3/4 " plywood.  We made two sets. We cut them 4 1/2" wide.  We laid the first set on the floor butted up against each other then we took the other two sets and laid them off set on top of the ones on the floor. These we glued and screwed together.  It is an 8' diameter circle.


                       dom4.jpg (68710 bytes) dob6.jpg (68121 bytes) dom5.jpg (64341 bytes)

Next we built the top ring out of 4 pieces of 5/8" plywood. Glued and screwed those together. Mounted 8 wheels to the bottom ring. Mounted guide brackets to the top ring so it rotates smoothly either direction. Added 2 arches 3feet apart.


                                    dom23.jpg (104628 bytes) dom25.jpg (111827 bytes)

We finished framing and bracing the dome. Now on to the fun part!! We are in the process of putting the fiberglass on.

                                   dome42.jpg (80371 bytes) dome43.jpg (85402 bytes)

We Finally finished the fiberglass!!!! We used 2 layers of matting, but if I were to do it again, I would definitely  put wire mesh on before the matting! This would have given it more support and a smoother finish, but since I learned as I went the end result isn't that bad.  Built the doors out of plywood and fiberglass. The top one overlaps the bottom one. 


                                   dome44.jpg (91561 bytes) dome45.jpg (97829 bytes)

It is now mounted on building, but still have a few touch up things to do. I  boxed in the corners.

                                               ring.jpg (72582 bytes)

I added landscaping trim all around the base to fill the gaps.

                                               inside.jpg (86754 bytes)

Inside finished!! I added rope lights underneath the base ring with a dimmer switch so it really works great having dim red lights here.

                                              dun.jpg (157652 bytes)


Construction is complete. It is alot warmer inside - compared to the roll-off!!! Virtually eliminates dew on the scopes.


               Special Thanks to my Dad and Mom for all their Help!!!!