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Tuesday, May 21, 2002  



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For the pier I bought a 6" in diameter 10' long PVC pipe. To attach the GT1 to it I used a coupler from 6" down to 4" with another adapter that has 8 holes in the top. I mounted a piece of round wood to that and drilled a hole into the middle so the Yang would sit flush onto the wood. And I would be able to bolt it from underneath.

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I cut out a 4" x 5" hole in the PVC pipe so that I could access the mount from underneath to tighten the bolt. I also cut it big enough to set the  SkySensor hand controller in it.

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The PVC pipe is 3.5 feet into the ground. I then got a 12" form and put this over the PVC pipe and filled it with cement 5' above the ground.  This made it very sturdy.

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Deck is finished - added 5 feet. The view is looking NE

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Framing is started here. I added another 2x4 in between each of these 2x4's.  Sorry didn't get a pic of the finished framing.


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Added the 1/4" plywood as my outer siding and trimmed. Finished with clear varnish. Mounted permanently onto the deck. Insulated the inside with 4.x8 sheets of extruded insulation.

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Built the dome base ring 4 1/4" wide which is an 13/4" wider than the building base ring which will give us the overhang. The arcs are 30" apart.

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Arc's are finished.

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For the outside skin we used 1/4"  plywood. Trimmed it with mahogany trim and silicone all the gaps. Used small door tracks to slide the door open. 

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Cleared the dome for weather proofing. Put more than a hundred golf balls on the building base ring in the track. Made a track on the bottom of the dome ring so this set down over the golf balls that are in the base ring. This gives it a fluid turning motion. 

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Have my Yang mounted inside it's new home. Looks really great there!!!   

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Covered  the insulation with paneling. I then attached a 24 volt dc motor with forward and reverse to the inside of the dome. I put a sprocket onto the shaft of the motor and mounted a chain on the inside of the dome base ring which turns the dome in either direction.

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                                         November 20 2001

                                      Construction Complete!!!